The UroCCR network is today composed of 42 multidisciplinary clinical teams.
Bordeaux University Hospital Team Coordinator: Pr JC BERNHARD
Team CHU Toulouse - Institut Claudius Régaud Coordinators: Dr N DOUMERC
Team CHU Lyon Sud Coordinator: Pr P PAPAREL
CHU Grenoble team Coordinator: Pr JL DESCOTES
CHU Strasbourg Team Coordinator: Pr H LANG
Team CHU Rennes - Eugène Marquis Center Coordinator: Pr K BENSALAH
CHU Angers team Coordinator: Pr P BIGOT
Team CH St Joseph - Gustave Roussy Coordinator: Dr C MICHEL
Team Kremlin Bicêtre Hospital (AP-HP) - Gustave Roussy Institute Coordinator: Dr B PARIER
Georges Pompidou European Hospital Team (AP-HP) Coordinator: Dr F AUDENET
Mondor CHU Team (AP-HP) Coordinator: Pr A INGELS and Dr C CHAMPY
Team CHU Rouen Coordinators: Dr L SURLEMONT / Pr C PFISTER
CHRU Lille team - Oscar Lambret Center Coordinators: Pr A VILLERS / Dr F HENON
Team CHRU Tours Coordinator: Pr F BRUYERE
Hospital team La Pitié Salpêtrière (AP-HP) Coordinator: Pr M ROUPRET
Team CHU Caen - François Baclesse Center Coordinator: Pr X TILLOU
Team CHU Tenon (AP-HP) Coordinator: Pr O TRAXER
Team CHU Reims - Jean Godinot Institute Coordinators: Dr C JONCOUR and Dr F TAHA
APH Marseille team Coordinators: Pr E LECHEVALLIER / Dr R BOISSIER
Bichat Hospital Team (AP-HP) Coordinator: Dr E XYLINAS
Team CHU Nice - Antoine Lacassagne Center Coordinator: Dr. M DURAND
Team CHU Poitiers Coordinator: Dr. M VALLEE
CHU team Clermont-Ferrand Coordinator: Pr L GUY
Institut Paoli-Calmettes Team Marseille Coordinator: Dr. G PIGNOT
Cabestany Medipôle Team Coordinator: Dr. P GIMEL
Team Claude Galien Coordinator : Dr J DEFONTAINES
Team CH Mont de Marsan Coordonnateur : Pr JJ PATARD
Clinique La Croix du Sud team Coordinator: Dr JB BEAUVAL
Hôpital privé Francheville team Coordinator : Dr R MALLET
CH Libourne Team Coordinator : Dr B ROUGET
Equipe Le Mans Coordonnateur : Dr O BELAS
Equipe Clinique Pasteur, Toulouse Coordonnateur : Dr J GUILLOTREAU
Equipe Clinique Santé Atlantique Nantes Coordonnateur : Dr QC LE CLERC
Equipe CHU Nîmes Coordonnateur : Dr A FONTENIL
Equipe CHU Nantes Coordonnateur: Dr S DE VERGIE
Equipe Clinique Hôpital Privé des Côtes d'armor Coordonnateur: Dr F BOULIERE
Equipe HP La Louvière Lille Coordonnateur: Dr C BALLEREAU
Equipe Clinique Urologique Nantes Atlantis Coordonnateur : Dr L HOQUETIS
Equipe CH Kourou Coordinator: Dr V RAVERY
Equipe Clinique du Pont de Chaume Coordinator: Dr J GAS
ICANS team Coordinator: Pf G MALOUF
Team Cochin - Port Royal Coordinator: Dr I DUQUESNE
He participates in the prospective constitution of the largest national kidney cancer resource in terms of clinical data and biological samples. Its scientific exploitation, as part of research projects, associates learned societies, the French network of cancer registries Francim and the Association ARTuR.
As part of the multidisciplinary management of kidney cancer, the database model UroCCR, conceptualized from 2006 and developed at the CHU de Bordeaux by Prof. JC BERNHARD, is an evolution of the collaborative database concept. Patrick J. DEMINIERE (pathologist - CHU Bordeaux), Prs A. RAVAUD (Oncologist - CHU Bordeaux) and N. GRENIER (Radiologist - CHU Bordeaux), each in their respective fields respective expertise. The first multi-disciplinary version of the UroCCR database, accessible via local network, was born. It has been used prospectively since 2007 at the Bordeaux University Hospital Center and has been the subject of papers and presentations at various conferences. he diffusion with several centers in France then required the development of a new multicentric version in secure internet access. This was made possible thanks to the technical expertise in the field of computerized management systems of the CICP-1401 Clinical Investigation Center team and the support of the French Association of Urology. The genesis and subsequent improvements of the UroCCR base make it a unique tool in the field of kidney cancer, not only multidisciplinary but also multicentric.
Primary objective The main objective is to rely on a common multidisciplinary and unifying tool (UroCCR Database), to develop a national medico-scientific network with activity focused on the therapeutic management and applied research of kidney cancer. Secondary objectives
  • National dissemination of the UroCCR database,
  • The complementarity of skills and culture of a strong translational link,
  • The collaboration with the registries in oncology,
  • The creation of a multicenter annotated biological sample collection,
  • Stimulate the realization of research projects based on the UroCCR network,
  • Improvement of the UroCCR database: development of a version 3,
  • The realization of savings of time and budget for the implementation of satellite projects based on UroCCR,
  • Progressive and secondary expansion of the network to other partner teams at national or international level.
This project is based on the initial collaboration of 11 multidisciplinary clinical teams, each consisting of a Urologic Surgeon, a Medical Oncologist, a Radiologist and an Anatomo-pathologist with an active activity in the field of Kidney cancer. These teams work actively to build collections of biological samples of kidney cancer and maintain close links with one or more research structures represented by a referent scientist associated with the project. A team labeled CIC is in charge of development, hosting, management, data management and analyzes that can be performed using the UroCCR tool.
Patients included prospectively and / or retrospectively will be informed by their doctor of their selection for entry into the UroCCR database with the possibility of a statement of opposition. If the patient agrees, a consent for the conservation and use of biological samples must also be completed and signed by the patient.
The data is collected via the relational database accessible in a secure way by the web including all the variables of surgery, anatomo-pathology, radiology and medical oncology (including the data of the repository of INCa). This system, customizable by center, includes a graphical dashboard and a tab for centralizing research projects specific to each center and having specific e-CRF function. A printable summary sheet can be automatically generated for presentation of files in Multidisciplinary Consultation Meeting. Simple or cross queries allow quick access to the records of interest. A multiformat export of the data can be realized for their statistical exploitation.
The confidentiality of the data collected for the UroCCR database is guaranteed by:
  • Approval of the entire study by the Advisory Committee on the Treatment of Research Information in the field of Health and the National Commission for Computing and Liberties.
  • The professional secrecy to which all members of the UroCCR team (signature of a confidentiality agreement) and the participating centers (signature of a confidentiality charter) are subject.
  • The analysis of the collected data is done strictly anonymously.
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